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Friday, 27 March 2009 09:54

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Poland is a truly beautiful country full of tourist attractions, with unspoilt nature (the sea, lakes, forests, mountains), fascinating history and hundreds of worldwide recognised monuments. Poland has 12 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List and 9 more on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve List but our country has a lot more to offer. That is why we are here for you - to help you reach all the places you wish to see and make your stay in Poland as pleasurable as possible. All the tours have been prepared for young people and are designed to let them see for themselves places crucial for the history - not only of Poland, but of the entire Europe.

Join us and experience a spiritual and cultural discovery!

The only thing we cannot do for you is to choose from our offer the tour you are most interested in!
We organise individually designed tours - in such case please contact us to specify all your expectations concerning the programme of the tour. We will be happy to answer any queries. We hope to see you soon and welcome you again in the future.

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In compliance with the legislation in force we are an authorised Tour Operator and Tourism Intermediary (Licence No 610) under the Law of 29 August 1997 on tourism services, as amended (consolidated version: Dziennik Ustaw (Polish Official Journal) of 2001 No 55 pos. 578, Dz. U. No 98 of 1999 pos. 1142). This involves formal and legal liability concerning our activity in Poland and abroad. We comply with these requirements for the benefit of our Clients, ensuring their peace and safety.